3 – Role Models


Market Comparison

JFC International, Inc.



This company is a much larger than my client; it is based originally in Canada, but now has distribution centers all over the US and Mexico.

The website is more functional and the IA is more complete than my client.  It is very detail inventory lookup of all food product by category.  It is not a responsive design and the font size is too small for today’s screen.    It has a lot of white space, does not have anything on the home page that grabs your attention.


Nishimoto Trading Co. LTD



A more modern website that JFC International, Inc.

I like the interactive slideshow on the home page.  The product category feature on the home page is very similar to my client.  The home page has more emphasis on logistics capability of the company rather than on product.  The mood of the page conveys a message of  professionalism and  efficient.


Asian Food  Grocer


The most complex system compare to the preview 2 above. Asian Food Grocer is a full retail Asian food online shopping cart system requiring registration and secure login with Paypal and Amazon APIs’.

I don’t like the corny Asian style logo.  It seem a little out-dated.

US TradingUS-Trading


  • Shopping Cart System
  • Product lookup by many criteria like category and  top brands.



Design Inspiration



Everyone loves Mikuni Sushi, this is a  “Sacramento s Best of”  institution.  I kind of miss the old website, this new one however is more responsive and following the current minimalist trend indesign.

  • Menu is extremely visible, clean, easy to navigate.
  • A lot of white space in this minimalist design give it a clean look.
  • Eye catching slideshow, it make your mouth water.
  • All important points are on the home page: Product, Events and Location.
  • Social network link at the top.

Whole FoodsWholeFoods

  • A very nice user friendly responsive design.
  • An array of social network APIs.
  • A very clear mission statement on the home page.





  • This responsive minimal design radical departure from the normal website.
  •  I like its simplicity.
  • Mobile oriented side menu appears as screen size reduces to tablet size.



  • I like the Asian inspired rich colors.
  • The website has good contrast, the black heading and white text stands out.
  • It has a well organized product layout.


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