Desktop Publishing


  • MS Office Publisher
  • MS Office Word
  • InDesign
  • Scribus (Free Open Source)

Publishing using MS Office Word

MS Office Publisher has many strengths over Word to easily create the more graphical and intricate layout required for professional-looking business publication for marketing communications.  However, it requires an additional time to learn the software and it is not included in every version of MS Office.  In this class take a look at some of the more advance feature of Word to create flyers, brochures, greeting card, business cards, mailing labels, etc.


  1. Using Publisher Template
    1. Create a Flyer
    2. Insert Graphics from PC and Online
    3. Position, resize and rotate
  2. Word with Graphic in MS Office Word
    1. Text wrap
    2. Change default text wrap in “Word Options”
    3. Insert Transparent ClipArt or GIF
    4. Create transparency by removing background
    5. Create Shapes
  3. Create a Newsletter
    1. Header and cover page
    2. Using section break and columns
    3. Different odd and even header or footer
    4. Mirror page layout
    5. Using odd and even section break
  4. Create a flyer using Word
    1. Insert drawing canvas
    2. Using grid and rulers
    3. Insert text box
  5. Create a greeting card
    1. Using WordArt
    2. Position text and photo
    3. Create return labels
  6. Create a business card
    1. Use Avery form template