Website Review

Here are sample of the “Good, Bad, Usable & Ugly”

Good Website


Starbucks Coffee specializes in specialty coffees around the world employs a great responsive design.  The color and typography is gorgeous.  The top of the page known as “above the fold” captures the company’s’ attention  –Your next drink is on us, Join the Loyalty Program.





Bad website

I chose this website because I am currently working on a proposal to update this website.    They only ask  me to put their current flyer on the home page.  The website is outdated, fixed layout design using absolute positioning.  Navigation is not consistent from page to page.  website is an output from MS Publisher 2003 using deprecated VML code which is not modifiable.  Product images are low resolution and are not clickable — no link to detail information.

North American Food Distribution



Usable Website


This is a simply straight forward website that generate CSS3 style sheet color.  As a developer, this is one of the website I use the gererate CSS3 code.  It automatically copies the code with I click in the code box.







It very easy to finhollywooodlifed an ugly website because there are many website done by amateurs that don’t know anything about web design.  I am in a model airplane club and most of the club site including our own is ugly.  But, rather that picking on novice or amateurs websites, I tried find websites that are done by a major publisher.   Well just look at any Hollywood Gossip website:

Hollywood Life

Nothing wrong with the “Hot Pick”, it probably captures the intent for this type of publication — overt, load, bodacious, etc    I just find it an ugly color.

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