WP: Lesson 1 – Intro

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What is WordPress

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP.  Most people think that WordPress is only a blogging platform, but most web designers, it’s probably the easiest and the most powerful website content management system (CMS) in existence today.   In fact, according to Google 2014 stats show 74,652,825 sites out there are depending on WordPress.

Is it a Blog or Website?

Many people are confused between the differences between a blog and a website. Both are website.  The beauty of WordPress is that it has a blogging platform are built-in without have to add or pay for a plugin.  When setting up your FREE website on WordPress.com, you will be ask if you want to start with a blog or website format.  The only difference is if you choose blog, the front page will default to a blog layout.  This can be changed at any time with just one click, so it’s not set in stone.

Blog Layout Diagram

  1. Blogs are like you own journal so they are frequently updated because they can be about an subject.   A food blogger can sharing new recipes, or a business can show latest news regarding new product or services several times a week.
  2. Blogs interactive like facebook or other social media websites.   The user who is known as a subscriber can comment and have a discussion with the blogger’s post.

WordPress.COM vs WordPress.ORG

The Design Process

Coding is only one part of the total web design process.  Fortunately you do not have to do any programming when setting up a WordPress site.  But you still need to do the other 80% of the process.

Create an Account on WordPress.com

Site Identity

What Are Titles and Taglines?

Your website’s title and the tagline is the most important thing that identifies your website because it is the first thing visitors will see when they visit your site.  It defines the purpose of your website, whether you are a blogger, sharing your work or trying to sell something.


Setting General Title and Tagline

The title, as you may have guessed, is what you call your website. It tells people who you are, and is how they’ll identify and find you online.  Coming up with a good title is very important because it will enhance your web presence especially with search engines – known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The tagline is a short statement similar a advertising slogan. It tells visitors why your site exists and what it’s about.  On most theme this is usually displayed under the title.


Create a Logo